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The X Factor

Concept Proposal for the X Factor

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Employer:  Level Studios

Role:  UX Designer

The X Factor is a television music competition franchise created by Simon Cowell, and runs on Fox television. Prior to airing its first season in the US, Fox recruited Level Studios to propose concepts for a website to complement the show. The digital goal was to incorporate a daily pulse with activities, commentary and updates leading up to and following the “big events” (performance and shows results). Using a cross-platform approach, it is intend to go where the users are (, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Second Screen, Mobile, Key partnerships). 

Concept Sketches

Quick sketches are effective for communication amongst the team.


Translating sketches into more structured wireframes. Sorting out details along the way.

Visual Design Oversight

Collaboration with visual designers to ensure call-to-actions, etc. are intuitive for users.

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