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Trinity Broadcast Network (iTBN)

Streaming the World's Largest Christian Video Archive

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Employer:  Level Studios

Role:  UX Designer

The Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) is the world's largest religious television network. It is the third-largest over-the-air television station group in the country, besting the station groups of CBS, Fox, and NBC. (2010)  TBN wanted to create a home for the over 41,000 programs to be streamed on-demand. The task was to design an online video streaming experience where worshippers can access videos easily and intuitively. I led UX efforts including research, ideation, wireframes, annotations, site map, schematics, feature lists, and visual oversight.


Project kicked off with research and surveys.

I. Competitive Analysis

II. Online Survey (904 participants)


Sketching, ideation.


Solidifying concepts into concrete wire frames for hand-off.

Visual Design Oversight

Collaborated with lead visual designer to define visual design concepts.

Final Design

Together with the client, the final design was chosen.

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