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Hello!  I'm Jessica.


A formally trained interaction designer, with experiences in conceptualizing and executing meaningful experiences for reputable companies. A design thinker and human-centered designer, I thrive in creating simple solutions to complex problems.


I'm passionate about the interaction between people and products.

By investigating real situations and identifying real problems, I firmly believe interaction design can positively influence the way people relate to products and services. 


I have a MA in Interaction Design (Umeå Institute of Design) and a BA in Psychology (U.C. Berkeley). My career began at Ergonomidesign, an industrial design consultancy in Stockholm, and made my way back to the U.S. job market via Cisco, MySpace, Samsung, Level Studios, and Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Online. 

Skills & Tools 

Design thinking, empathy, research, prototyping, user testing, workshop facilitating.

Axure, Figma, Fireworks, Illustrator, Indesign, Omnigraffle, Photoshop, Sketch.


San Francisco, CA

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